Welcome from the Chairman

Takafumi Fujita

Takafumi Fujita

JAVIT Chairman
Professor emeritus at
the University of  Tokyo

Japan Association for Vibration Technologies (JAVIT) is an industrial organization whose members come from manufacturers involved in vibration technologies. It was formally established on April 27, 1999 when an inauguration meeting was held. Having been the chairman on the preparatory committee for establishing the association, I was named as the first chairman.

Being fundamental technologies in a variety of industrial fields, and closely related to our everyday life in recent years,  the roles of the technologies such as instrumentation, analyzing, controlling, and testing (these technologies are referred to as vibration technologies subsequently), employed in vibrations of machinery, vehicles, structures, etc.,  are becoming significantly important. In addition, research and development of the vibration technologies have always been part of the most advanced science and technology, and have been topics of presentations in many related professional societies. This association was established to secure the reliability of the vibration technologies that matches their importance to the society, as well as to maintain and facilitate the development of the vibration technologies. This kind of industrial association is the first in the world, and of course the first in Japan. I hope more companies will become members and make the association a place to meet others involved in the vibration technologies and share their ideas and philosophies.