Member Benefits

Why JAVIT? This might be the first question when you wonder whether your firm should become a member of JAVIT. Check the answers for the subsequent questions to get a picture of the membership benefits. But the membership benefits just don't stop here. If you think about the synergy generated by bringing all these firms together, the positive impact on our society--advancement of new technologies, cost reduction, enhanced product reliability, etc.--is significant. 

Do you want the market for vibration technologies to grow healthily?

An industry-wide performance evaluation system is to be established by JAVIT to make sure that consumers can use the products at ease.

Is it necessary to catch up with the ever evolving vibration technologies?

Joint research on advanced vibration technologies such as active control is being carried out by JAVIT.

Are you experiencing difficulties in vibration testing and instrumentation?

JAVIT deals with all kinds of vibration technologies, so please feel free for a consultation. JAVIT can also work in a capacity of a consultant or agent in vibration testing and instrumentation to provide the kind of service you need or to find the equipment you want.

As such, JAVIT was established to secure the reliability of the vibration technologies that matches their importance to the society, as well as to maintain and facilitate the development of the vibration technologies.